Foreign Anarchist Club

Foreign Anarchist Club

The infamous foreign anarchist club raided in 1894.

Location: 6 Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road

Description: In the last two decades of the 19th century, a series of anarchist inspired terrorist attacks hit many European countries.

This was the location for the London branch of Club Autonomie, a collaboration of mainly-immigrant anarchists, many from France.

They became notorious when French member Martial Bourdin (1868-1894) blew himself up trying to bomb Greenwich Observatory in 1894.

In Greenwich, on the afternoon of 15 February 1894, two staff working late were startled by a 'sharp and clear detonation, followed by a noise like a shell going through the air'. Bourdin was found with severe injuries but was still able to talk but didn't divulge anything before dying. He had a membership card for the club in his pocket.

The police later raided the Club here in their investigations and arrested 8 members. Many were deported but no charges were made.

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Foreign Anarchist Club

The infamous foreign anarchist club raided in 1894.

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