A Blue Plaque for a War Hero

A Blue Plaque for a War Hero

War hero Sir Douglas Bader's Blue Plaque is on this street.

Location: Petersham Mews, Kensington

Description: Sir Douglas Bader played a key role as a pilot during the Battle of Britain in World War II despite losing both legs in a flying accident in 1931.

Subsequently, he raised money for the disabled and worked to change attitudes towards those who suffered amputations.

And so to this street and the wartime hero and double amputee's commemorative English Heritage blue plaque. This was his former home and the ceremony on Sunday 31 May 2009 was attended by Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, a Bader family friend, amongst many others.

Sir Douglas lost his legs after an accident at Woodley airfield, Reading, in December 1931, while flying with the aerobatics team in a Bristol Bulldog. He defied doctor's expectations by walking again using artificial legs and resumed his flying career in WWII.

Having shot down 23 enemy aircraft, Sir Douglas was captured by the Nazis in August 1941. He remained at the prison camp in Colditz until 1945.

Sir Douglas died in 1982 in Doncaster, aged 72 - he was such a superb man, that a walk along this street to find the plaque is the least you can do in his honour!

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A Blue Plaque for a War Hero

War hero Sir Douglas Bader's Blue Plaque is on this street.

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