Dirk Bogarde does Chelsea

Dirk Bogarde does Chelsea

Home to 'The Servant' starring Dirk Bogarde back in 1963

Location: 30 Royal Avenue, off King's Road, SW3 4QF

Description: This is the location for the house used in the 1963 British psychological drama 'The Sargent' starring Dirk Bogarde.

Scripted by Harold Pinter, the film follows aristocratic Tony who moves to London and hires the servant Hugo Barrett for all services at home.

Barrett seems to be a loyal and competent employee, but Tony's girlfriend Susan does not like him and asks Tony to send him away.

When Barrett brings his sister Vera to work and live in the house, Tony has a brief hidden affair with her.

After travelling with Susan outside London, the couple unexpectedly return and find Barrett and Vera, who are actually lovers, in Tony's room. They are fired and Susan breaks with Tony.

Later, Tony meets Barrett alone in a pub and hires him back, and Barrett imposes his real dark intentions in the house, turning the table and switching position with his master.

A symbolic parable about the British class system, the film is simultaneously sinister yet darkly comic, and as a massive fan of this era of British film, a favourite of Morrissey's.

Watch the trailer here = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBjZgPIeLo0

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Dirk Bogarde does Chelsea

Home to 'The Servant' starring Dirk Bogarde back in 1963

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The movie is The Servant, not The Sargent. (Robert Henderson)
Posted by Robert Henderson on 2012-02-20

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