Charles Lamb lived here

Charles Lamb lived here

This is where Charles Lamb lived and loved for 6 years.

Location: 20 Russell Street, Covent Garden

Description: In 1817 essayist (best known for his Essays of Elia) Charles Lamb and wife Mary took rooms here.

In letters to Dorothy Wordsworth he described the appeal of Russell Street for them: We are in the individual spot I like best in all this great city. The theatres with all [their noises; Covent Garden,] dearer to me than any gardens of Alcinous, where we are morally sure of the earliest peas and 'sparagus; Bow Street, where the thieves are examined, within a few yards of us. Mary had not been here four and twenty hours before she saw a Thief. She sits at the window working, and casually throwing out her eyes, she sees a concourse of people coming this way, with a constable to conduct the solemnity. These little incidents agreeably diversify a female life.

Mary called it a place all alive with noise and bustle, Drury Lane Theatre in sight from our front and Covent Garden from our back windows. The hubbub of the carriages returning from the play does not annoy me in the leaststrange that it does not, for it is quite tremendous...

They stayed here for 6 years before moving North to Islington.

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Charles Lamb lived here

This is where Charles Lamb lived and loved for 6 years.

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