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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


The Great London Ghost Tour
The Great London Ghost Tour


20th October 2003 Singer Amy Winehouses's debut album Frank released.

20th October 1968 Comedian Bud Flanagan died in Kingston, London, aged 72.go to related location

20th October 1953 Actor Sir John Gielgud was arrested for cruising in a public lavatory.

20th October 1904 Born today: Anna Neagle, London Engld, actress (London Melody, Nurse Edith Cavell)

20th October 1862 Murderer Catherine Wilson hanged at Newgate Gaol, the last woman hanged in public in Britain.go to related location

20th October 1822 1st edition of London Sunday Times

20th October 1714 The Coronation of George I in Westminster Abbey.go to related location

The London Rom-Com Tour

Check out this Rom-Com tour that takes you around the spots where love blossomed for our cinema stars.

NOTE: Please note this is a virtual tour, a Do-It-Yourself tour you can print off and take with you when you visit London.

Submitted by jammy73robertson

# Image Location Address Notes
1Gong...Notting HillGong...Notting Hill142 Portobello Road
2A hit for Love ActuallyA hit for Love ActuallyCity Hall
3It really was Love ActuallyIt really was Love Actually27 St Lukes Mews
4Rhys Ifans UnderpantsRhys Ifans Underpants280 Westbourne Park Road
5The Duke of Wellington PubThe Duke of Wellington Pub179 Portobello Road, Notting Hill
6Globe Pub...Bridget Jones...Globe Pub...Bridget Jones...8 Bedale St
7Romantic HorticultureRomantic HorticultureRosmead Gardens
8Dinner with Julia RobertsDinner with Julia Roberts91 Lansdowne Road
8 locations, 4641 hits

download The London Rom-Com Tour as a PDF documentDownload a PDF version of this tour here. This can then be emailed or printed and allows for your personal notes to be added prior or while on tour.