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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


The Great London Ghost Tour
The Great London Ghost Tour


19th October 2003 David Blaine walks from his perspex box after 43 days without food.

19th October 1960 Born today: Dan Woody Woodgate, London, rock drummer (Madness)

19th October 1944 British premier Winston Churchill flies back to London from Moscow

19th October 1941 Born today: Simon Ward, London England, actor (4 Musketeers, 4 Feathers)

19th October 1911 Royal Mint in London sends dies for $1 coin to Ottawa Branch

19th October 1741 David Garrick appears on stage in West End for the first time, in the title role of Richard III.

About A Boy - Film Locations

Classic British Comedy 'About A Boy' around town film locations

NOTE: Please note this is a virtual tour, a Do-It-Yourself tour you can print off and take with you when you visit London.

Submitted by JeremyT

# Image Location Address Notes
1About a Boy in ActonAbout a Boy in ActonActon Town Hall, High Street, Acton
2About A Boy in Kentish TownAbout A Boy in Kentish Town31 Oseney Crescent, Kentish Town
3About A Boy's Classy DeliAbout A Boy's Classy Deli63 Charterhouse Street, Farringdon
4About A Boy in Maida ValeAbout A Boy in Maida Vale215 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale
5Hugh's About A Boy PadHugh's About A Boy Pad16-18 St James Walk, corner of Sekforde Street
6About A Boy in Notting HillAbout A Boy in Notting Hill243 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill
7About A Boy in Notting HillAbout A Boy in Notting Hill1 St Stephen's Crescent, Notting Hill
8About A Boy in MayfairAbout A Boy in Mayfair8 Hanway Place, Mayfair
8 locations, 3982 hits

download About A Boy - Film Locations as a PDF documentDownload a PDF version of this tour here. This can then be emailed or printed and allows for your personal notes to be added prior or while on tour.