Up the Junction

Up the Junction

200 acres of fine common land with colourful characters

Location: Clapham Common Southside, SW4

Description: 'Clapham Common' is a triangular area of grassland of about 200 acres (0.8 km) in size, situated between Clapham, Battersea and Balham.

The common is surrounded by many fine houses which began to be built in the 1790s and became fashionable dwellings in (what was then) this village south of London. As London expanded in the 19th century this became part of a built-up area, and Clapham was eventually absorbed into the capital.

It also seems the common has a more 'colourful' side as part of the Common has a reputation as a gay meeting place, and was featured in a heterosexual capacity in the 'Squeeze' song 'Up the Junction', and was also connected with the famous Ron Davies 'moment of madness' incident in 1998.

It has also been the venue for a number of annual Gay Pride festivals. The bushy regions of the common are used by homosexual men for 'cottaging' activities - the filthy so-and-so's.

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Up the Junction

200 acres of fine common land with colourful characters

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