Once there were Herrings

Once there were Herrings

Lost London - Herrings and Hollywood - now mobile phones

Location: 137 Cannon Street, EC2N

Description: What a shame that good things sometimes have to change, places that mean so much that seem to just vanish!

And so to 'Rogg's Jewish Deli' - when Barry Rogg left school in 1946 to help his father at the delicatessen on this very spot, a delicatessen that his grandfather had opened before the First World War - he though he'd stay on a couple of years and then move on!

Thirty-seven years later and Barry was still there, albeit stocking a bit more in the early days. 'It was mainly herrings, cucumbers, smoked salmon. Never heard of French or Italian cheese' he recalled

A regular was Hollywood film producer Howard Koch, who'd pop in for a taste of New York while in London.

And so to today...there are no more cucumbers...just mobile phones for sale - can't help thinking that it was a whole lot better when Barry wss there!

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Once there were Herrings

Lost London - Herrings and Hollywood - now mobile phones

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roggs stood at 137 cannon street road e1 at the junction of burslem street. (DOUG)
Posted by DOUG on 2012-01-20

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