David Essex grew up here

David Essex grew up here

This is where David Essex lived as a child.

Location: 45 Avondale Court, Canning Town

Description: When I was five, we moved to 45 Avondale Court, a two-bedroom flat on a council estate in Canning Town, in the East End of London. My dad had had TB, but was better and back working down the dock; my mum played piano in the local pub. They were happy times.

There were derelict buildings and bomb craters to play in. We were always fighting Germans with bits of stick, and at the end of the street, thered often be an ocean-going liner four times bigger than the houses. There were Chinamen and Indians from the docks, and street markets on waste ground. It was an extremely colourful place, in a world of yellow smog.

I cant really remember the decor in the flat. I think there was wallpaper with bamboo and leaves, and we had a cocktail cabinet and a big radiogram. We also had a balcony that overlooked power-station chimneys and a bit of grass. I was mad for football. Frank Lampard Sr lived opposite and we played for West Ham juniors.

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David Essex grew up here

This is where David Essex lived as a child.

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