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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


The Great London Ghost Tour
The Great London Ghost Tour


16th October 1988 Smile Jamaica concert for Hurricane Gilbert victims held in London

16th October 1987 175-kph winds cause blackout in London, much of southern England

16th October 1959 Born today: Gary Kemp, London, rock guitarist (Spandau Ballet-True)

16th October 1958 The first episode of children's TV show Blue Peter is aired on Television.

16th October 1951 Born today: Daniel Gerroll, London, actor (Big Business)

16th October 1936 Actor Peter Bowles was born in London.

16th October 1927 Born today: Lee Montague, London England, actor (Uncle Sasha-Holocaust)

16th October 1925 Murder She Wrote actress Angela Lansbury was born in London.go to related location

16th October 1922 Happy birthday to entertainer Max Bygraves, born in Rotherhithe, East London.go to related location

16th October 1834 London parliament catches fire historic documents burn

St James's Hotel and Club

St James's Hotel and Club

Exclusive 5 star hotel and club that was home to Ian Fleming.

Location: 7-8 Park Place, St.James's, SW1A 1LS

Description: This 5 star hotel is a fabulous club and hotel once frequented by Sir Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming even lived here a while.

It was founded by English aristocrat Earl Granville and Marchese dAzeglio, a Sardinian Minister, after a dispute at the Travellers club. They decided to found a new club intended as a London base for travelling diplomats, right here.

In April 1859, Francis Cavendish sent out a circular from the Foreign Office to every British Embassy and legation to recruit members for the new St James's Club.

Author Charles Dickens wrote of the club: members are elected by ballot, but members of the corps diplomatique, of the English diplomatic service, and of the Foreign Office, may be admitted without ballot, under certain restrictions.

American author Henry James used the Club to study English colloquialisms.

Arthur Sullivan, the composer of the Savoy Operas, was also a member for some years. Other members included actress Liza Minelli, Dudley Moore, Peter Townshend, Sir Michael Caine, Tom Selleck, Sir Sean Connery, Tim Rice, Sir Elton John, Christopher Reeve, Michael Parkinson and Lord Attenborough.

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St James's Hotel and Club

Exclusive 5 star hotel and club that was home to Ian Fleming.

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