The Eve Club

The Eve Club

The club where a Bishop ran off with a hostess.

Location: 3 New Burlington Street, Regent Street, W1S 2JF

Description: This is where the exclusive Eve Club used to be. It was opened by Helen & Jimmy O'Brien in 1953 and ran for 39 years; becoming the most discreetly daring establishment in London.

In a setting of plush opulence, maharajahs, business tycoons, diplomats, and politicians drank vintage Champagne with scantily-clad showgirls performing risqu floorshows.

Regulars included Earl Jellicoe, Errol Flynn, Judy Garland, Bishop of Southall, Aristotle Onassis and the Dukes of Devonshire and Norfolk but many didn't pass the strict suitability test including Christine Keeler.

Regular, Bishop of Southall, ran away with and eventually married a club hostess called Joy.

Famously journalists and photographers were banned!

It closed in 1992 but reopened as a famous party club with Suede, Blur and Pulp regulars.

Britpop group Menswear played their first gig here in 1994 and Pulp filmed the video for Disco 2000 here - remember the coloured squares on it's iconic dancefloor.

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The Eve Club

The club where a Bishop ran off with a hostess.

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