Hancock's Half Hour...

Hancock's Half Hour...

Tony Hancock - avenue of the stars - 100 showbiz legends

Location: St. Pauls, Covent Garden's Piazza, WC2E 9ED

Description: It all began on the wireless. Hancock's Half Hour kicked off in November 1954 becoming a very British, comic-institution for almost two decades.

Starring Tony Hancock, the show's writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, created the winning and loveably snobbish, very British gent with social aspirations and delusions of grandeur - Tony's thespian, gangster alter ego - aka Tony Hancock. 'The lad himself', bumbled through life, belligerent and insecure, defiant in the face of constant failure yet refusing ever to concede defeat.

Set in 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam it followed the capers of those who lived in what became one of the most famous fictional streets in Britain. With razor sharp wit embedded cleverly in a fast moving script, Hancock's thespian ability with a witty twist made the show and the man an extraordinary talent.

To mark Tony Hancock's contribution to comic history, he was among the first 100 showbiz legends to be honoured in Britain's answer to Hollywood Boulevard. His star is present in The 'Avenue of Stars' which was unveiled on the 17th September 2005 as part of ITVs 50th anniversary celebrations. The walk way is situated outside St.Pauls (the Actors Church) in Covent Garden's Piazza, London.

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Hancock's Half Hour...

Tony Hancock - avenue of the stars - 100 showbiz legends

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