History made at Earls Court

History made at Earls Court

Earls of Warwick and Holland are remembered here.

Location: Earls Court Tube Station, SW5

Description: The Earls of Warwick and Holland from the 14th and 16th Century's respectively - both renowned and respected individuals, and medieval 'Lords of the Manor' of a West London hamlet are remembered at Earl's Court underground station and neighbourhood.

Indeed, Warwick was known as the Kingmaker and was the richest man in England outside of the Royal Family at the time.

He was a leading figure in the Wars of the Roses during which he helped depose the Lancastrian King Henry VI in favour of the Yorkist King Edward IV. This earned him his nickname of 'the Kingmaker' but he later fell out with Edward and restored Henry VI to the throne. During this period Warwick was considered the real ruler of England.

In 1911 Earl's Court tube station saw the first escalator on the London Underground, now a roaring success and implemented everywhere across the capital. Bumper Harris, a one-legged engineer, rode the escalators on the first day of operation to reassure passengers of their safety.

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History made at Earls Court

Earls of Warwick and Holland are remembered here.

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