Christ Church Tower

Christ Church Tower

One of the most spectacular residences in London.

Location: Newgate Street, London

Description: This is the tower designed by Christopher Wren after London's 1666 fire, and partially destroyed in WWII. Close to Wrens St. Pauls Cathedral, with its spectacular dome, the tower of Christ Church has recently, almost surreptitiously, been converted by Boyarsky Murphy Architects into a remarkable residence at the heart of the capital.

From the outside, the tower gives few clues that a 2,500-square-foot residence now rises inside of it. Only new oak doors at its base offer a glimpse of the architectural intervention.

Kate Renwick bought St Christopher's as a ruin almost four years ago and has restored it with the help of some imaginative architects, who fixed a hi-tech core inside and laced it with transparent floors and glass staircases, making it a hymn ancient and modern.

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Christ Church Tower

One of the most spectacular residences in London.

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