Catherine Wheel Alley

Catherine Wheel Alley

One of Dick Turpin's haunts in the city.

Location: Bishopsgate, Broadgate

Description: This is where the ancient pub The Catherine Wheel stood before it was pulled down in 1911. In the early part of the 18th century The Catherine Wheel was one of the many notorious haunts of highwayman Dick Turpin.

Dick and his cohorts allegedly met here in the last galleried inn on Bishopsgate. They regularly met here to plan their next robbery of some well-to-do personality being escorted through Epping Forest.

The alley which gets it's name from the old boozer did change it's name at one point to Cat and Wheel Alley before being changed back when someone realised it didn't make any sense.

Sometimes spelt Katherine Wheel Alley.

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Catherine Wheel Alley

One of Dick Turpin's haunts in the city.

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