Notre Dame de France

Notre Dame de France

An extraordinary church bombed out in the 1940s

Location: 5 Leicester Place, Leicester Square, WC2H 7BX

Description: This extraordinary church was bombed out in the 1940s and almost entirely rebuilt in 1955. With murals depicting an energetic 'annunciation' - care of Jean Cocteau...this really is a special place.

Once he had finished his task, Jean Cocteau was sad to leave : I am sorry to go, as if the wall of the chapel had drawn me into another world.

He went on to comment :

I shall never forget that wide open heart of Notre Dame de France, and the place you allowed me to take within it.

Jean Cocteau wished to be buried in a chapel the chapel of St Blaise of the Simple Ones, at Milly la Fort, near Fontainebleau. He died on 11th October 1963.

Is there a secret message in the mural?

It became a church in 1865 after the church bought the building built as a panorama, a forerunner of the cinema, hence why it's shape is virtually circular.

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Notre Dame de France

An extraordinary church bombed out in the 1940s

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