A Fancy Fish Supper

A Fancy Fish Supper

The most extravagant fish banquet in the UK

Location: Chelsea Harbour, SW10 0XG

Description: A chic and vibrant waterfront location and only a stone's throw from the heart of London, the 'Wyndham Grand Hotel' is a 160 all-suite, 5 star hotel. A unique location, hidden away in the secure and exclusive surroundings of Chelsea Harbour...and a celeb favourite, Hugh Grant and Michael Caine quite like it!

But there's another new and special attraction...as of September 2008, the brainchild of the chefs at the famous restaurant is a simply spectacular fish supper.

Billed as the most extravagant fish banquet in the UK, the seafood platter weighs in at a whopping grand, that's 1000 notes!

With 10 different types of seafood, it is accompanied by a bottle of designer Vodka care of the fashion guru Roberto Cavalli washed down with a chaser of Cristal Champagne...blimey!

So what are you waiting for...

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A Fancy Fish Supper

The most extravagant fish banquet in the UK

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