Home to a Murderer

Home to a Murderer

Dennis Andrew Nilsen was an evil resident here

Location: 23 Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, N10

Description: Dennis Andrew Nilsen was a British serial killer who lived in London and served in the Army. He is known to have killed at least 15 men and boys between 1978 and 1983, when he was eventually caught after his disposal of a body blocked his household drains and drew the attention of the police.

In fact he resided at one point at this very address in Muswell Hill - As his murders continued, he found it difficult to dispose of the remains and had bin bags full of human organs stored in his wardrobe.

Neighbours had begun to notice the smell. Three people were murdered at this address, and all were stored in cupboards and chests.

Not a very nice man at all!

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Home to a Murderer

Dennis Andrew Nilsen was an evil resident here

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