The Beeb rocks Out!

The Beeb rocks Out!

Home to legendary performances from the likes of Moz

Location: 2-22 Portland Place, W1A 1AA

Description: Well it's in there somewhere...

'The Radio Theatre', inside Broadcasting House in London and the venue for many historic recordings at the BBC, reopened in June 2007 after a major overhaul.

Originally designed as a classical music venue in the early 1930s, the BBC's biggest radio studio has been fitted out for a wide range of audience shows, including both speech and music performances (largely rock, pop and jazz).

The refit, part of a bigger building project that will eventually bring BBC World Service and television news operations under one roof in Portland Place, has taken four years.

The Concert Hall became the Radio Theatre in the mid 1990s with what was then a modern production gallery and with the stage configured for a broader range of programmes. The character of the venue changed, and so did the range of artists appearing - in recent years they have included David Bowie, REM, Prince, Paul Weller, Shania Twain and Ronan Keating.

And of course the legend that is the one and only Morrissey!

Tours: David Bowis's London Life

Tours: Moz & The Smiths

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The Beeb rocks Out!

Home to legendary performances from the likes of Moz

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The sculpture on the front by Eric Gill depicts Ariel and Prospero, and much to Erics annoyance had to amended AFTER unveiling because Ariels penis was too impressive. (John Hillaby)
Posted by John Hillaby on 2012-06-12

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