Poltergiest Pusher

Poltergiest Pusher

A violent poltergeist lived in a house on this road.

Location: Fairlop Road, Leytonstone

Description: This polt was blamed for pushing a pregnant woman down the staircase - fortunately her unborn child was unhurt. The presence also opened drawn curtains and close doors, while one witness heard a woman sobbing on the landing.

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Poltergiest Pusher

A violent poltergeist lived in a house on this road.

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My gran lived in this house in the mid sixties when she moved in an irish lady who lived upstairs said there was a ghost in the house it had pushed her down the stairs while she was pregnant; as mentioned in your article. My mum stayed just one night the terror of that night still frightens her hearing constant sobbing on the landing, the strange thing is no one else heard the crying well it didnt wake them up. She had to live with her dad after that anyway i wonder who reported this as i know my mum and gran never did they just wanted to forget about it. i wonder if it is still haunted? (lisa joy)
Posted by lisa joy on 2011-03-01

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