paranormal Top Paranormal-related places to visit in London.

Top Paranormal-related places to visit in London.

London's spooky stuff is not just ghosts but other weird paranormal behaviour and activity. This is where the reports have occurred:


11. The Winchester Geese @ Redcross Way
12. The Diary of a Drug Fiend @ 31 Wellington Square, Chelsea, London
13. The Hornsey Coal Poltergeist @ 8 Ferrestone Road, Hornsey, London
14. Shady Old Lady Ghost @ Beacontree Road, Wanstead
15. The Field of Forty Footsteps @ Torrington Square, Bloomsbury, London
16. The Kensington Poltergeist @ 20 Bute Street, South Kensington, London
17. Oak Hill Parks Famous Tree @ Church Hill Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire
18. Society for Psychical Research @ 14 Deans Yard, Westminster
19. Cock Lane Ghost @ 21 Cock Lane, London
20. Spring Heeled Jack visited here @ 2 Turner Street, Whitechapel, London
21. Wanstead Glowing Headstone @ City of London Cemetery, Wanstead
22. A gunshot in the night @ Buckingham Palace
23. Scene of the Flying Man! @ 15 Ashley Place, Westminster, London