Tea, Tea, Glorious Tea

Tea, Tea, Glorious Tea

Lovers of Tea and all things loose and leafy

Location: 45 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 8SF

Description: Creating great teas is driven by a desire to make tea (Chaa) that tastes Yum.

And...'Yumchaa' are at the very heart of tea making and perfecting the, well perfect, brew!

A great tea experience is when the tea you've chosen is mouth-wettingly good, has flavour that fully meets the expectations of its aromas and you truly delight in your drink.

Another great tea experience, as described by tea friends, happens during moments when having a cup goes beyond just drinking the tea. These are the moments when fond memories are built while sharing tea and time.

And Yumchaa say 'No to Tea-Bagging', blending and serving only quality loose-leaf tea...in fact Loose-leaf tea offers the best taste, quality, health benefits and freshness.

So come on - find your nearest Yumchaa location like this one!

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Tea, Tea, Glorious Tea

Lovers of Tea and all things loose and leafy

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