Tommy's Home from Home

Tommy's Home from Home

Home to Tommy and Gwen in 1948

Location: 13 Canfield Gardens, NW6

Description: Thomas Frederick 'Tommy Cooper was born on 19 March 1921 and sady died performing on stage on 15 April 1984.

Despite his purported inability to perform conjuring tricks, Cooper was a member of The Magic Circle. Famed for his red fez, his appearance was large and lumbering at 6 feet 4 inches and more than 15 stone in weight - a heavyweight in all senses of the word - Comedy being the biggest of all.

Cooper's comedy carried over to his private life. He once went into a tailor's shop to buy a suit. Trying it on he asked a member of staff if he could take it for a walk round the block. When they consented he took a block of wood from his pocket, put it on the floor and walked around it before saying, 'Fine. I'll take it.'

And so to this very address - home to Tommy and his wife Gwen in 1948.

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Tommy's Home from Home

Home to Tommy and Gwen in 1948

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