Matchmakers Wharf

Matchmakers Wharf

This is where the matchbox toys factory used to be.

Location: Lee Conservancy Road, Homerton Road, Hackney, E9

Description: This massive new redeveloped apartment building used to be the renowned Lesney Matchbox Toys factory. Like all great old-world manufacturers it's got a spectacular canal-side location. It's now home to 49 permanent purpose-built artists studios.

Lesneys factory made legendary Matchbox Toys between 1952 and 1982 - inside there are enormous illustrations of the people using the machines that made the toys, painted directly onto the gallery walls. Plus there are a number of video diaries by employees about their experiences of working at Lesneys. The display includes two computer interactives: one which will record a survey of visitors attitudes to work, the other an opportunity for visitors to explore job opportunities in relation to their interests and skills.

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Matchmakers Wharf

This is where the matchbox toys factory used to be.

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