The Goring

The Goring

The only 5 star hotel in London in it's founding family's hands.

Location: Beeston Place, Kensington, SW1W 0JW

Description: The Goring luxury hotel was opened by Otto Richard (OR) Goring on 2nd March 1910. He persuaded the Duke Of Westminster to sell the plot of land at the Buckingham Palace end of what was to become Beeston Place. He razed the Sun public house and a string of cottages to make way for this - the last grand hotel to be built in the Edwardian era.

It was ground breaking - it opened as the world's first hotel with en suite facilities and central heating to every bedroom.

Remarkably, it is the only 5 star hotel in London that remains in it's founding family's hands.

In 1914 it became the HQ of the allied forces in World War One, with a direct telephone link to President Wilson.

Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston's mother lived here for a while from 1919. It was also one of the Queen Mother's favourite hotels and has seen worldwide royalty every year and has been called Her Majesty's Local because she's visited many times. The palace staff also hold their Christmas party here each year.

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The Goring

The only 5 star hotel in London in it's founding family's hands.

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