The Queen Anne Statue

The Queen Anne Statue

Queen Anne is rudely remembered for her size at death.

Location: Ludgate Hill, EC4M

Description: This remarkable Grade 2 listed statue of Queen Anne (1665-1714) depicts the ruling monarch at the time of the Cathedral's completion in 1710. It's a replica from 1886 by Richard Belt which replaced the original dilapidated version sculpted by Francis Bird in 1712.

The ladies around the base of the statue represent England, France, Ireland and North America, all of whom Anne considered herself to be queen of. Note the Royal Coat of Arms of the time are quartered with the French Fleur-di-Lis as well as the Irish Harp and English Lions.

The original Carrara marble statue of Anne and four ladies-in-waiting was given to Augustus Hare, a writer of travel guides to London and Rome who had paid for Belt's version. He moved it to his home in Holmhurst St Mary, Sussex.

Queen Anne was notorious for the size of her coffin which was almost square due to her size.

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The Queen Anne Statue

Queen Anne is rudely remembered for her size at death.

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