News International HQ

News International HQ

The home of Rupert Murdoch's News International.

Location: Thomas More Square, Pennington Street, Wapping, E98 1BD

Description: This is News International's London Headquarters, home to 3 (now the News of The World has gone) of Britains top newspapers.

In 2008, plans were afoot to redevelop the Wapping site here into a campus for the majority of their businesses, such as Harper Collins and Dow Jones.

Until 2010 the newspapers were made here at Fortress Wapping (nicknamed after a fierce dispute in 1986 with the union to which the workforce had previously belonged).

In 1986, the Wapping dispute began after the News Corp chairman secretly moved all of the NI printing operations from Fleet Street to a purpose-built site in the East of London. When 6,000 workers went on strike after a long-running dispute, Murdoch fired up the new electronic system, served notices to all those partaking in industrial action and replaced them with members from a different union.

A year-long picket ensured, violence escalated but Murdoch never lost a days production, finally breaking the spirits of the print unions and their disgruntled, out-of-work members.

The printing of the papers is now undertaken at Broxbourne, Knowsley and Lanarkshire (the largest and fastest print press in the world).

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News International HQ

The home of Rupert Murdoch's News International.

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