It's For You-Who

It's For You-Who

The only K2 telephone box left in London

Location: Burlington House, Piccadilly, W1J 0BD

Description: In 1924 a competition was launched to design a telephone kiosk.

There was already one in use (K1) but it was made of concrete and used outside London.

The Fine Arts Commission chose the design of Giles Gilbert Scott. It was the classic design with a domed top and was made of wood.

Scott suggested a silver colour with a blue/green interior but this was altered thus...The colour was changed to red to make it easier to see. It was made of cast iron instead of wood and the interior was changed to black.

This was designated as K2 and only used in London. There is only one left and its in the entrance arch to the Royal Academy exactly where it was placed years ago.

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It's For You-Who

The only K2 telephone box left in London

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Theres tons of K2 boxes in London! Theyre taller than the more familiar K6s, and the glass panes are all of the same width across (the K6s have a wider middle pane with smaller side panes). In a few places you can find them side-to-side with K6s. However, the *original* K2 prototype is in Burlington House. Its the one to the west of the entrance arch (on the left as you walk in) and still works. You can tell its different to the rest because TELEPHONE across the top is cut out as a vent, not printed. The box to the east of the arch is a standard production K2. (Peter)
Posted by Peter on 2011-07-30

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