Ambresbury Banks

Ambresbury Banks

Earthwork remains of an iron age hill fort.

Location: Epping Forest

Description: Ambresbury Banks are the remains of an Iron Age hill fort in Epping Forest, just south of the M25 North of Loughton.

According to spurious legend, it is the site of the last stand by Boudica against the Romans in the year 61.

They form, along with Loughton Camp, Wallbury Camp, Little Hadham, Barkway and Littlebury, a distinct line of hill-forts that arguably split the territories of the warring English tribes Trinovantes and Catuvellauni.

Archaeology at the site started in 1881 although now the whole area has been reclaimed by Epping Forest. Finds have included shards of red, grey and black pottery, flints and flint arrow heads, and lumps of baked clay. It is thought that they date the site to 700 BC and occupation until 42 AD.

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Ambresbury Banks

Earthwork remains of an iron age hill fort.

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