Once a great Music Venue

Once a great Music Venue

Once called the Manor House and a favourite of Keith Richards

Location: 246 Hackney Road, E2 7SJ

Description: Alas now a 'Costcutter' and the building is gone, but this very spot was once very different.

'The Manor House Pub', the pub is the source of both the name of the tube station and the area. The first pub on the site was built by Thomas Widdows c. 1810 as a roadside tavern next to the turnpike on Green Lanes. Towards the end of the century the building was remodelled and modernised. In 1930 the old tavern was demolished and the current building erected. Behind the new building, offices were built for London Transport. Although the latter building still exists, TfL no longer occupies it.

In later years the pub was the first employer of Richard Desmond, now the owner of the Daily Express and Daily Star. The building also housed a nightclub that was popular among Goths in the mid-1980s. The ground floor of the building is now occupied by a branch of Costcutter.

But back in Keith Richards early musical days the Manor House Pub was a top notch venue to play and where The Rolling Stones honed their craft!

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Once a great Music Venue

Once called the Manor House and a favourite of Keith Richards

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You guys seem a lttle confused on this one! Manor House and Green Lanes are nowhere near Hackney Road, so no idea how the connection was made. The point marked on the map IS a costcutter now though......is this the correct site, or is it in Manor House??? (CW)
Posted by CW on 2012-06-21

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