Michael Crawford's Penthouse

Michael Crawford's Penthouse

St John's Wharf: The Phantom's Lair.

Location: St John's Wharf, Wapping

Description: This is where actor Michael Crawford lived in London for 21 years. He moved in to the palacial penthouse here in 1985 and could often be heard rehearsing The Phantom of the Opera songs in his very own Phantom's Lair!

He had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms in the former docks warehouse with fantastic river views over the River at Wapping. However, when he was starring in Barnum at the Victoria Palace theatre he often had to cross a picket line to get home! The local printworker's strike took place nearby in 1986 and tensions ran high and violent clashes between police and trade unionists were commonplace.

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Michael Crawford's Penthouse

St John's Wharf: The Phantom's Lair.

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