David Bowie was born here

David Bowie was born here

Rock legend David Bowie's childhood home is here.

Location: 40 Stansfield Road, Brixton, London, SW9 9RZ

Description: Seventies rock chameloeon and Ziggy's alter ego David Bowie spent the first 6 formative years of his life with his family at this address.

Tours: David Bowis's London Life

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David Bowie was born here

Rock legend David Bowie's childhood home is here.

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Its currently available to rent, see the article here for details: http://london365.co.uk/exclusive-david-bowies-house-to-let/ (Sean)
Posted by Sean on 2012-12-19
David changed my life... And after moving to London in 2003, one of the first things to do was to go for pilgrimage to see this house...long before going to see the house of parliament... Its nice to share this experience with other people... I didnt expect it (claudio)
Posted by claudio on 2007-01-20
Oh! I didnt know...I just lived up the road for a year - but in the mid-90s. (barb)
Posted by barb on 2007-01-17
The street was not easy to find, but for a real Bowie-fan... At last I stood in front of a very smart house, enjoyed the feeling and - of course - took a photo. I am same age as "Ziggy" and I just had to see the first address of the man who owns a little piece of my heart. Greetings from an Austrian girl! (Gerlinde Wielander)
Posted by Gerlinde Wielander on 2006-12-20

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