The Grapes

The Grapes

Dickens based 'Our Mutual Friend' on this pub.

Location: 76 Narrow Street, Limehouse, London, E14 8BP

Description: This seems to be the pub that Dickens bases the Six Jolly Fellowship Porters on in Our Mutual Friend (although there is some debate) - so it has something of a place in Britain's literary history.

It's reputed that the young Charles Dickens was made to stand on a table and sing to the customers.

There are unsavoury stories of watermen taking drunks from this pub to drown drown in the river, then selling their corpses for medical dissection.

Actor Sir Ian McKellan is part owner of this pub that formerly was The Bunch of Grapes.

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The Grapes

Dickens based 'Our Mutual Friend' on this pub.

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The Grapes also used to be run by, believe it or not, former Playboy London bunny girl from 71-82 Barbara Haigh. When she was landlady they held a London bunnies reunion here every year. (charlie pickles)
Posted by charlie pickles on 2012-12-17

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