Jimi Hendrix Last Hotel

Jimi Hendrix Last Hotel

This was Jimi Hendrix's last hotel he booked into.

Location: Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London, W1H 7TW

Description: This is where Jimi Hendrix was living when he died across town at the Samarkand Hotel on September 18th 1970.

Hendrix, one of the stars of the recent Isle of Wight pop festival, whose blatant sexuality on stage made him the centre of countless controversies, had been found by his beautiful West German girlfriend in a coma in bed at her hotel.

Twenty-three-year-old Monica Danneman called an ambulance and but it is disputed whether he dies prior to the ambulance arriving or en route.

Hendrix had booked in on September 6.

He reserved a 17-a-day fifth floor suite but rarely used it. He was last seen in the hotel on Thursday afternoon cleaning his shoes in his suite.

But Jimi Hendrix, then 22, wrote his own epitaph two years ago : When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild, and freak out an' do anything they wanna do.

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Jimi Hendrix Last Hotel

This was Jimi Hendrix's last hotel he booked into.

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he shouldntve been so greedy then eh! (steve)
Posted by steve on 2006-12-18

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