The Uxbridge

The Uxbridge

Home of Eric Sykes, Spike Milligan and Larry Stephens - Comics.

Location: 137 Uxbridge Road, HA5

Description: After hearing Spike Milligan and the first airing of 'Crazy People on the BBC Radio in 1951... Eric Sykes finally met the great man - 'The Raging Moon Mad Milligan' - at his Longbridge Road office where Spike simply couldn't stand still... He was simply bursting with comic ideas!

This meeting of mines sparked a comic collaboration, a lasting and renowned friendship, and of course - shared accomodation.

Indeed, it was at 137 Uxbridge Road that Eric found some rooms to rent, five floors above a greengrocers.

The only problem with these digs was the food rationing that was still in force. It seems Eric, Spike and the chaps on more than one occasion were held hostage in their own homes after oranges were delivered. They were in such short supply and as the demand was so high, they literally could not get out of the building for people desperate to get their hands on the fruit.

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The Uxbridge

Home of Eric Sykes, Spike Milligan and Larry Stephens - Comics.

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Credits: Spike - An Intimate Memoir - Norma Farnes

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