Home of Noel Coward

Home of Noel Coward

The glamourous home and workshop of author Noel Coward.

Location: 17 Gerald Road, Belgravia, London

Description: In 1931 the famous English author, actor and playwright Noel Coward left his mother's boarding house in Pimlico for this house where he lived for 24 years.

It was a former coachhouse and artists studio complete with gallery and miniature stage where he could practice in private.

Lord Louis Mountbatten gave a defining description of Noël at his 70th birthday celebration in 1969: “There are probably greater painters than Noël, greater novelists than Noël, greater librettists, greater composers of music, greater singers, greater dancers, greater comedians, greater tragedians, greater stage producers, greater film directors, greater cabaret artists, greater TV stars. If there are, they are fourteen different people. Only one man combined all fourteen different labels – ‘The Master’.”

Virginia Woolf once described Coward as clever as a bag of ferrets and trivial as a perch of canaries. His best known songs include Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Mad About the Boy, Some Day I'll Find You and I'll See You Again.

Coward left his home in London in 1956 and moved to Jamaica, where he built a small retreat called Firefly Hill.

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Home of Noel Coward

The glamourous home and workshop of author Noel Coward.

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