Binks in Bates

Binks in Bates

The hatter with a stuffed caddish snmoking cat.

Location: 21a Jermyn Street, St. James's, London, SW1Y 6HP

Description: This is the location of Edward Bates Ltd, Edward Bates Ltd who have supplied stylish hats and caps to discerning gentlemen from their enchanting Jermyn Street shop in London since 1900. Today it is still a family business offering a personal and friendly service to customers from throughout the world.

Binks, a cat strolled into the shop one morning in 1921 and didnt show any inclination to leave. Bates adopted him and became a favourite among customers. Upon his sad death in 1927 he was stuffed and given a Turkish cigarette and top hat for posterity.

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Binks in Bates

The hatter with a stuffed caddish snmoking cat.

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