The Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge

The 'wobbly bridge' that isn't wobbly any more.

Location: River Thames, Southwark

Description: The Millennium Bridge is officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge. It's a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, England, linking the Tate Modern on Bankside with the City and St Paul's.

Construction of the bridge began in 1998, with the opening on 10 June 2000, but it was closed several days later after it's swaying caused hundreds complaints. It was rectified and it was eventually re-opened in 2002.

It's one of the best pedestrian experiences of crossing the river and links up two sides of the river that were relatively dull.

In the 2009 blockbuster Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the Millennium Bridge replaces the Brockdale Bridge (a fictitious bridge in the Harry Potter universe) that is destroyed and subsequently collapses due to an attack by Death Eaters.

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The Millennium Bridge

The 'wobbly bridge' that isn't wobbly any more.

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