The Nose in Admiralty Arch

The Nose in Admiralty Arch

The Duke of Wellington's honourable 'nose'...maybe?

Location: The Mall

Description: If you leave Trafalgar Square and go south across the traffic island you will reach Admiralty Arch.

Walk into the right hand arch and, on the left side of the arch about 2 metres high you will see a small nose!

This is said to be Nelsons second nose (just in case the first one falls off) or is dislodged by a pigeon!

The horse guards touch it for luck as they ride through on their horses.

On the inside wall of the northernmost arch there is a small protrusion the size and shape of a human nose. It was placed there by artist Rick Buckley in 1997 as part of a campaign against the 'Big Brother' society.

The nose is at a height of about seven feet, and sits at waist height for anyone riding through the arch on a horse.

Prior to Mr Buckley being unmasked by the London Evening Standard, one urban myth grew that the nose is there in honour of the Duke of Wellington, who was known for having a particularly large nose.

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The Nose in Admiralty Arch

The Duke of Wellington's honourable 'nose'...maybe?

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