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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


The Kate & William Wedding Tour
The Kate & William Wedding Tour


22nd April 2007 A man enters Zizzi's restaurant on The Strand, stands on a table and and chops his penis off.go to related location

22nd April 1991 Two trains collided on the DLR at West India Quay.

22nd April 1930 US, Britain and Japan sign London Naval Treaty

22nd April 1925 Born today: George Cole, London England, actor (Minder, Vampire Lovers)

22nd April 1899 Born today: Martyn Green, London, actor (Gilbert and Sullivan, Iceman Cometh)

22nd April 1823 Baltic Club (Exchange) forms in London

22nd April 1737 William Hicks (MP for Wallingford) was attacked by highwayman Dick Turpin and associate in a coach travelling to London through Epping Forest.

Ripper Murder: Catherine Eddowes

Ripper Murder: Catherine Eddowes

This is where Jack the Ripper's fourth victim was found.

Location: Mitre Square, Shoreditch

Description: This is the one of the only Ripper murder scenes to retain its name; Mitre Square. St James's Passage, was called Church Passage at the time of this, called the 4th Ripper murder. The passage leads to Duke's Place and further into Aldgate.

Just behind the brick flower planter and towards the fence is the site where Catherine Eddowes was found murdered.

Nearby at around 8.30pm on September 29th 1888 PC Louis Robinson of the City of London Police had arrested local prostitute Catherine Eddowes for being drunk and disorderly and had taken her into police custody at Bishopsgate police station. By midnight she had sobered up and at 1am, just as the body of Elizabeth Stride was being discovered, Catherine was being released from Bishopsgate Police Station. As she left the building she turned to a police officer and spoke her last recorded words. Good night old cock she called and went off into the night.

At 1.45 in the morning of 30th September 1888, PC Watkins of the City Police walked his beat here into Mitre Square. The only sound that he heard was the sound of his own footsteps. Hed passed this way fifteen minutes earlier and found the square to be quite deserted. When the beam from his lantern fell upon the spot in the squares south corner it illuminated a gruesome and horrific sight. The mutilated body of Catherine Eddowes.

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Ripper Murder: Catherine Eddowes

This is where Jack the Ripper's fourth victim was found.

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What was she holding when she was found dead? (James)
Posted by James on 2009-10-31
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Ripper Murder of Ms StrideRipper Murder of Ms Stride
Murder of Elizabeth Stride happened here, followed by riots

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