Gunpowder Plot was foiled here

Gunpowder Plot was foiled here

The plot to blow up the kind & parliament was rumbled here.

Location: Under House of Lords, Westminster

Description: The Gunpowder Plot was foiled here on the evening of the 4th November 1605. The Plan was to have blown up the Upper House [the House of Lords] when the King, lords, bishops and others had been there. In the chaos that followed the death of England's ruling elite, the plotters would launch a rebellion and install a Catholic regime.The Gunpowder Plot by Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, Guido Fawkes, and other co-conspirators provoked the English government into a series of anti-Catholic measures.They rented a nearby house (much closer than today) and dug a tunnel into the vault beneath the House of Lords. They eventually rented the vault and smuggled across the river by night 36 barrels of gunpowder. However a warning to a political friend to stay away from the House of Lords rumbled them and the discovery was made.All were found and executed.

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Gunpowder Plot was foiled here

The plot to blow up the kind & parliament was rumbled here.

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