Hackney Peace Carnival Mural

Hackney Peace Carnival Mural

The beautiful musical mural on Dalston Lane.

Location: Dalston Lane, London

Description: This mural was designed by Ray Walker and finished by artist Mick Jones after Ray fell ill (he died suddenly aged just 38). Mick is seen playing the saxophone and Ray's wife is at the bottom right. Ray's face can be seen surrounded by ribbons on the bottom left of the mural.

Jones and Walker's widow, Anna, spent a year painting the mural, using techniques and materials of such high quality that, despite 17 years of weather, it is in excellent condition and looks astonishingly vivid.

The mural echoes the Mexican muralists but also trade union murals.

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Hackney Peace Carnival Mural

The beautiful musical mural on Dalston Lane.

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Hackney Peace Carnival Mural

Hi, I painted the Cable street mural with Ray Walker (who designed this mural before he died) and Desmond Rochfort. I am trying to contact Anna Walker - can anyone give me her contact details? or ask her to email me? Thanks (Paul Butler)
Posted by Paul Butler on 2010-08-24

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