Elephant and Castle hauntings

Elephant and Castle hauntings

Strange haunting noises have been heard from the station.

Location: Elephant and Castle Station

Description: When this station is closed people have heard the steps of an invisible runner, strange tappings and doors being thrown open.

What follows is a genuine testimony from an h2g2 Researcher - a tube driver on the London Underground. He's actually seen the ghost but didn't appear to be all that impressed...

'Twas around six of the evening at a Bakerloo line Underground Station - about a week ago. I was in pursuit of my duties as an employee of London Underground (Northern Line - and I should apologise to all who are condemned to this line - not my fault Really. Heh! Heh!)
So I join the train at the terminus at Elephant and Castle and walk forward to the front of the train with a view to travelling with the driver. At this point the driver has not arrived so I put my bag down and move to the rear door to wait for him. While I am waiting a girl gets into the carraige - she walks straight through the carriage and I have to move aside making some muttered apology - I sort of have to do this since I was in uniform!
A minute or so later the driver turns up, and we move toward the front of the train. I notice that the girl is not in the carriage and this is a rather immediate cause for concern - she could not have left the train without passing me - I had full view of the carraige and platform at the time. My reaction was to inform the driver - the only place she could have gone was to have walked down the tunnel - not really what we want! The driver's response was unusual: 'Oh, her. We hear about her all the time - she's even been in the papers.'
Lovely - my first real ghost is a media celebrity, - and, it must be said, very, very boring indeed.

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Elephant and Castle hauntings

Strange haunting noises have been heard from the station.

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