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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


James Bond in London: The Tour
James Bond in London: The Tour


21st September 1983 David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross, premieres in London

21st September 1977 Rapper Doc Brown was born in Kilburn.

21st September 1906 Born today: Derrick De Marney, London England, actor (Inheritance)

21st September 1849 Born today: Edmund Gosse, London, translator/critic (Father and Son)

The Walkie-Talkie Bank Job

The Walkie-Talkie Bank Job

This is where the famous walkie-talkie bank job took place.

Location: 185 Baker Street, London, NW1 6XB

Description: An amateur radio 'ham', Robert Rowland, alerted Scotland Yard that he had overheard a robbery in progress somewhere within a 10-mile radius of Central London. Rowland, who lived in Wimpole Street, had been tuned in to the 27.15 megacycles radio frequency at 11.00pm on Saturday, 11th September 1971, trying to contact a fellow 'ham' in Australia. He picked up a conversation between what sounded like a team of bank raiders and their lookout on a nearby rooftop. He began to tape the radio exchanges, while trying to communicate his suspicions to the police. At 2.00am, a senior officer decided to take his report seriously and called in radio detector vans in an attempt to trace the transmissions. Unfortunately, by the time Post Office engineers could be brought in from weekend leave; the 'walkie-talkie' conversations had ceased.

As the search intensified, police officers checked on 750 banks in the inner London area, paying special attention to the 150 banks within a mile of Wimpole Street. On Sunday afternoon, they visited Lloyd's Bank on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road, but found no signs of entry - the 15-inch thick doors of the vault were intact and secured by a time lock. They were unaware that the raiders were still inside. It was not until the bank opened for business after the weekend that the robbery was discovered. The contents of scores of safety deposit boxes in the vault had been looted in what was Britains biggest ever robbery.

The gang had dug a 40-foot tunnel from the basement of Le Sac, a leather goods shop that they had leased, two doors away from the bank. The robbers tunnelled under the Chicken Inn restaurant and then, using a thermic lance, through the 3ft of reinforced concrete which formed the floor of the vault. The floor was not wired to the alarm system, as it was thought to be impenetrable. Eight tons of rubble were excavated and left behind in the shop when they escaped, with the contents of 268 deposit boxes.

The 'walkie-talkie robbery', as it became known, was curiously similar in execution to the one solved by the legendary Baker Street resident Sherlock Holmes in Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Red Headed League'. In this case, however, countless questions remain unanswered. Only four men were convicted in connection with the crime and much of the loot was never recovered. Of the stolen property that the police did manage to retrieve, most was never reclaimed.

Apparently, before leaving, they wrote on the inside wall of the safe 'let Sherlock Holmes try to solve this'

It's now the subject of a film in 2008 The Bank Job starring Jason Statham (pictured).

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The Walkie-Talkie Bank Job

This is where the famous walkie-talkie bank job took place.

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These facts are true, I used to know one of the men who committed this crime, long before I knew of his reputation. (Jennie Free)
Posted by Jennie Free on 2011-04-29
What a fantastic job well done far to clever for sherlock. (e cambridge)
Posted by e cambridge on 2009-03-31
Well, it might have been a stylish bank job with the Sherlock Holmes Quote. But hey - when the film was needed they really needed the music of Main Man Marc Bolan & T-Rex for the Sound Track! So while youre here, please check out his entry #373 http://www.shadyoldlady.com/location.php?loc=373 Get It On - Bang A Gong! Fee (Fee for www.Marc-Bolan.net)
Posted by Fee for www.Marc-Bolan.net on 2008-07-18
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