Wandsworth Prison

Wandsworth Prison

Since 1851, one of the largest prisons in Europe.

Location: Heathfield Road, SW18 3HS

Description: Not even 'Ronnie Barker' and his Porridge character 'Fletcher' can compete with Wandsworth!

HM Prison Wandsworth is a large prison in South West London - it is currently able to hold 1416 prisoners and is the largest prison in London. Alongside Liverpool, which is of similar size, it is one of the largest prisons in Western Europe.

The prison was built in 1851, and the residential areas remain in the original buildings. There has been extensive refurbishment and modernisation of the wings, including in-cell sanitation, privacy screens for cells occupied by more than one prisoner and the more recent installation of in-cell electricity.

Shady can only say that this is a good place for crime control and making sure that London people are safer for it...alas might be hard to get inside for a visit.

Tours: A Clockwork Tour

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Wandsworth Prison

Since 1851, one of the largest prisons in Europe.

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