London's Public Stalactites

London's Public Stalactites

London's best public free stalactite show!

Location: Tottenham Court Road Underpass, London

Description: If you head for the south exit from Tottenham Court Road tube Station (stay right as you come out of the barriers) and go up the stairs you find yourself in a public subterranean wonder!

Like all good caves it's dank, dingy, and smells bad. But look up and you'll see hundreds of small and dripping calcium deposits called stalactites. The floor has their ugly cousin stalagmites and a very wet floor - watch yourself!

You eventually resurface on Charing Cross Road.

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London's Public Stalactites

London's best public free stalactite show!

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This subway has now been closed, as they are removing the fountain above and making it an above ground pedestrianised area. (James Darling)
Posted by James Darling on 2009-03-16

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