Home of Ian Fleming

Home of Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, lived here

Location: 22 Ebury Street, Westminster, SW1

Description: A blue plaque can never tell a lie and this is no exception...

Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908 - 12 August 1964) once lived here. As an author and journalist, Fleming is of course best remembered for creating the character of James Bond and chronicling Bond's adventures in twelve novels and nine short stories.

Additionally, he wrote the children's story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two non-fiction books.

During the 2nd World War, In 1944, Fleming gained control of a specialist unit of commandos, known as 30 Commando, or 30 Assault Unit (30AU). He neither founded the organisation, nor was he their field commander. He was, however, the planner. As an intelligence officer at the Naval Intelligence Division (NID), he had an idea of what information and equipment the enemy had that was of interest to the Allies and where it was likely to be located.

Fleming's intelligence work provided the background for his spy novels. In 1953, he published his first novel, Casino Royale. In it he introduced secret agent James Bond, also famously known by his code number, 007.

Initially Fleming's Bond novels were not bestsellers in America, but when President John F. Kennedy included From Russia With Love on a list of his favourite books, sales quickly jumped.

Fleming died at the age of 56 after another heart attack on the morning of 12 August 1964, in Canterbury, Kent, England, and was later buried in the churchyard of Sevenhampton village, near Swindon.

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Home of Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, lived here

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