Chablis & Oysters for Keith

Chablis & Oysters for Keith

A favourite oyster eaterie of legendary chef Keith Floyd

Location: 11-15 Swallow Street, W1B 4DG

Description: Now in its ninetieth years, Bentley's first opened its doors in 1916 in the same beautiful old Victorian building it occupies today.

From the outset this famous oyster bar and grill, now run by head chef Richard Corrigan, captured the vibrant mood of a metropolis about to embrace the roaring twenties.

In November 2005, following a sensitive refurbishment that kept much of the original arts and craft flavour, Bentley's once again opened its doors to great critical acclaim serving oysters, fish and seafood in much the same way it has since 1916.

It also featured as the first port of call for Keith Floyd and Alisdair Cuddon in 1983 when Keith travelled to London to buy some pearl earings for his then wife to be Julie.

The day turned into a food and drink bender and as luck would have it they also got some earings.

Bizarelly on their train journey home to Bristol, they shared a carriage with that nasty man Gary Glitter, with whom they get very drunk with.

Perfect Keith Floyd behaviour.

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Chablis & Oysters for Keith

A favourite oyster eaterie of legendary chef Keith Floyd

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