Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

Where the money is at...or indeed where we think it is

Location: 10 Paternoster Square, EC4M 7LS

Description: The 'London Stock Exchange' was founded in 1801 and is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, with many overseas listings as well as British companies.

The exchange is part of the London Stock Exchange Group and so sometimes referred to by the ticker symbol for the group, LSE.

The trade in shares in London began with the need to finance two voyages: The Muscovy Company's attempt to reach China via the White Sea north of Russia, and the East India Company voyage to India and the east. The trading in the stocks of the second company began in 1688.

In 1697, a law was passed to 'restrain the number and ill-practice of brokers and stockjobbers' following a number of insider trading and market-rigging incidents. It required all brokers to be licensed and to take an oath promising to act lawfully.

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Money, Money, Money

Where the money is at...or indeed where we think it is

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