A Room for London

A Room for London

A stunning boat as a single hotel room on the Southbank Centre.

Location: Roof, Southbank Centre, Southbank

Description: This stunning concept in hotel living is a one-bedroom installation, designed by David Kohn Architects in collaboration with Fiona Banner. The bizarre ship was lifted into place by a crane and will stay on top of the roof of the South Bank throughout 2012 and is intended to offer guests a place of refuge and reflection amidst the flow of traffic at this iconic location in the capital.

The lower and upper decks offer extraordinary views, by day and night, of a London panorama that stretches from Big Ben to St Paul's cathedral. Inside, the boat is a beautifully crafted timber object, full of nooks and crannies to explore and all the creature comforts that one would expect in a good hotel.

David Kohn and Fiona Banner drew inspiration from the riverboat, the Roi des Belges, captained by Joseph Conrad whilst in the Congo in 1890, a journey echoed in his most famous work Heart of Darkness.

On arrival 'aboard', guests will be invited to fill in a logbook detailing what they have experienced during their stay, out of the window as much as within themselves. This is contemporary architecture at its most playful, beguiling and thought-provoking.

In future years, expect that the boat will resume its journey and find itself perched in other vital parts of the capital.

When tickets went on sale they sold out in minutes.

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A Room for London

A stunning boat as a single hotel room on the Southbank Centre.

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